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Heather Anne Campbell writes and performs with Fox's ADHD, Whose Line is it Anyway, Heather & Miles, The Midnight Show, Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza, and UCB's longest running improv team Last Day of School. Her credits include: Saturday Night Live, MADtv, Cartoon Network's Incredible Crew, Play Magazine, Rookie, Geek Monthly, National Geographic, and AdBusters. She plays video games every day, and watches a lot of anime un-ironically.

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you're such a lovely person, you watch anime, play games and write comedy - I don't know if it's just me, but that makes you look like you're in your early 20s. Would you agree that your job and hobbies make you feel younger or do you not care about age at all?

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I am immortal, so my age doesn’t matter that much to me. I used to be into daguerreotypes back in the 1850’s, and people said, “M’lady, you seem too young to be into daguerreotypes.”

I've just gotta start by telling you that you're probably one of the funniest writers going in comedy right now, as well as one of the best performers. I first found out about you through The Midnight Show a few years ago, and you've been one of my favorite comedians ever since. With all that said, and you having built up a pretty impressive portfolio for yourself, which video of yours would you point people to if you wanted to give them a good idea of what your style of comedy is all about?

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FRENCH KISSING FOR DOGS is all you need to know about me. And then maybe Drive Recklessly and Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man.

I always liked your writing in Play magazine — the way you described the immaturity of Code Geass as the reason we watch a show like that was perfect. Was writing for Play a good experience, and is your stuff from there available anywhere online?

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It isn’t available online, but I’m thinking about scanning old articles and posting them…

I was actually at the one night live event but was so in awe that I was watching an extra scene that most of the song lyrics slipped my mind. Could you refresh my memory with parts of what you remember to be Joel's indirect apology? I remember most of the song being about them staying together through everything. I just didn't quite catch the apology? Was it for lying to her about the fireflies, indirectly?

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I would argue that him singing about the two of them being together was an attempt at an apology. The song was a bridge; Ellie just had to cross it. I took her picking up the guitar as an attempt to reconcile with Joel.

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